Unparalleled ERC20 trading.


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Exchange ERC20 tokens using your own wallet.

Built by trading experts and technologists, Paradex is an elite, peer-to-peer trading platform powered by the 0x protocol. We ensure fast & reliable exchange in a decentralized fashion— no account needed.

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Our Mainnet beta is here! 🚀

Built on 0x for decentralized settlement

Our hybrid architecture decentralizes the most security-critical components of an exchange, while relying on the speed, scalability and responsiveness of traditional, off-chain architecture for our order book and order matching engine.

Robust order matching

Our matching engine and system design offers true limit orders, price/time priority, asynchronous trading (no need to manually pick orders off the book), as well as front-running prevention and a low rate of settlement failures.


Bring your own wallet

They're your tokens— keep it that way. Paradex seamlessly integrates with all of your favorite web3-enabled wallets, including MetaMask and Parity, as well as the Mist browser. Never entrust your assets to a centralized exchange again.

Familiar, professional trading interface

We're putting our decades of trading experience to work to create a robust, familiar UI with the features newcomers and professionals alike have come to expect from their trading platform.